Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Ancient Prophecies.

Two warring factions have different translations and interpretations of The Ancient Prophecies. Both interpretations of the Prophecies are occurring, in a spectacular and "biblical plague" fashion, as we approach the ultimate final conflict. Both versions are increasingly vague about the resolution of the prophecy.

Plot points could include, determining how the literary time keeping devises of the The Ancient Prophecies match up with these real life events, war profiteering by mercenaries thanks to widely known accurate predictions of the future, new cults erupting, new magics being discovered now that current events are functioning as a Rosetta-stone to old knowledge, etc. etc.

(Mostly plagiarized from BSG.)


In 1991, before I had punk, I listened to Sun-60 ad nauseum, crushing on the lead singer some serious. On that year's album they had songs titled, Kiss the Train and Runaway Jane. Just now, reading some hilarious nonsense my buddy had written making reference to Soul Asylum's Run-Away Train, I mashed up the references in my head. I thought, "John is making Sun-60 jokes? who's that even funny to?" (aside from me.) Then I sorted it out, and was sad. Sad like the time I got the Dark Sun box-set for Christmas from my Mom*, and as it turned out no one wanted to play post-apocalyptic D&D 'cause, "why not just play Rifts?" So I made up my own party who just sat in the box and never saw play. I named the Half-Giant Psionicist Joan Jones, and drew pictures of her with long blond hair covering one eye.

*Oh man, I didn't. I got a bolo tie from her which she said made me look handsome, I was crushed. Dark Sun was all I wanted. Luckily, my late Grandmother having 33 grandchildren just gave us all 20 bucks. Problem solved.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dangerous Border Crossing and Santa Muerte

This part is all true: So, US immigration has put up fences all over hell and creation between the US//Mexico border. Sewer systems between the two halves of border towns are, of course, unguarded and unsealed for all the obvious reasons. Poor boarder patrol officers have to muck threw the sewers looking for illegal border crossers. A Catholic Death cult, Santa Muerte, worshiping the White Sister, Death, has also popped up all over border towns. Low level members of drug cartels are the primary members, and there have even been rallies to permit drug dealing by death cult members on grounds of religious freedom. Gay Mexicans, drag queens in particular, have joined these cults having been excluded from traditional churches. They have found that the cults are much less judgmental (i.e. not at all,) and thereby the only place they are welcome to express their faith and sexuality at once. The queens mule meth and coke from time to time as well.

This part is and fake and maybe irreverent: If this isn't a playground for a vampire game, I don't know what is. Nosferatu find immigrants and police invading their domain, the death cults could be anything, but I vote for La Raza anarchs.